WorkSmart taking webcamshots with more than one camera


As an active contractor, you may notice that the macOS WorkSmart application is cycling through all available webcams such that each timecard has a webcamshot from a different camera rather than using the selected camera for each.



You can access your logbook in the Crossover Contractor Dashboard and confirm that there are timecards with a webcamshot from an incorrect camera. 



This is a known issue with the OpenCV webcam library on macOS Ventura and has been reported to the Development Team.

In the meantime, you can use the following steps to switch to the FFMpeg webcam library to avoid this issue:

    1. Click on the Crossover icon () on the Task Bar.
    2. Select Preferences.
    3. Change the Camera Driver dropdown from OpenCV to FFmpeg:
    4. Use the Camera test button to confirm WorkSmart is able to take webcamshots using the FFmpeg library. If so, press OK


If the camera test fails with the FFMpeg library, the following change will resolve the issue in most cases:

  1. Fully close the Worksmart application
  2. Open the HD/Users/<User>/crossoverFiles/config/ file with TextEdit (or any preferred text editor)
  3. Find the following line:com.virtualoffice.client.Application.webcamFrameRate=20.0
  4. Change this to:com.virtualoffice.client.Application.webcamFrameRate=30.0
  5. Launch WorkSmart again and follow the steps above to switch to the FFMpeg library


If the webcam test continues to fail, please create a new ticket for Crossover Support attaching your WorkSmart log files that can be found at HD/users/<user>/crossoverfiles/logs




You can confirm that the webcamshots are being taken with the correct camera by reviewing your logbook in the Crossover Contractor Dashboard 



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