Configuring Metrics with Google Sheets as Source


Metrics can be stored and imported from various sources. Metrics can be set by Team Room owners for each team room, this means that every Team Room can have their metrics set up.

One of the metric sources available for updating the values is Google Sheets, which allows you to set up a Spreadsheet and have the values updated there before being automatically transferred to Crossover.



  • Team Room owner with a Team room created.



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal and go to Manage > Teams.

  2. Open the Metrics app.


  3. If you are changing your existing metrics source, click the Settings button:

    If you are setting your metrics for the first time, click the Open Metrics Settings button:

  4. Click on Google Sheets to select it as the metric source:


  5. Fill in the information in relevant sections as described below:
    1. Fill in the Sheet URL retrieved from the Share option in Google Sheets.
      Note: The sheet must be shared as Anyone with the link can edit. You can set this in the permissions of the file.
    2. Select Anyone with the link can edit as the Access Method.
    3. Enter the name of the Template worksheet where the metrics are pulled from. This should be the same as the name of the tab of the Google Sheet from where you would like to extract the metrics.
    4. Enter the Metric name.
    5. Enter the Metric Target per team member.


    Be sure to review the Important Information notes:
    1. In the template worksheet, do not change data in column A nor the first row (the table headings) as we will not be able to match metrics. The first column's name is XOID, and the information there is the Assignment ID for each user. (If you do not handle that information, please create a ticket in the Support portal requesting the Assignment ID of each Contractor/Employee)
    2. Do not insert empty rows between team members in the template worksheet, it will break the table, and we cannot read data below the break.
    3. We will automatically add new team members to the template worksheet.
    4. Use the same template worksheet name for multiple teams if you want to add all their team members in the same worksheet.
    5. Use a different template worksheet name for each team if you want a separate worksheet for each team.
    6. Use formula upon your convenience to (auto) fill metric values from the other worksheets or add the values manually.
    7. Enter a new worksheet name or delete the old worksheet template if you want to start over.
  6. Click Save.



Your Google spreadsheet will be automatically updated showing the team members information and filling the headers with the week ending dates:



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