W2 Benefits - (U.S. Paychex Paid Only)

To learn more about the Crossover Benefits available to all W2 Partners paid through Paychex, please see the "Benefits available to the W2 employees" section below.

New employees can begin by using the New Hire Checklist to learn about eligibility and plan details. 

All full-time W2 employees are eligible for benefits. This applies specifically to those on the Paychex payment platform, and only to U.S. W2 employees. Your health care benefits begin on whichever date is later: the date you were hired or the date you enroll in the benefits.

Please be aware that your contractor or W2 status is determined by your hiring manager. Crossover is unable to alter this status upon request.

Benefits available to the W2 employees:

An employee will qualify for the 401k benefits 180 days after their start date. Employee will automatically be enrolled in the 401k pre-tax program at a 1% contribution rate. Currently, there is no employer match available. 

There is also a Roth (post-tax) 401k option. This is not auto-enrolled. Once the employee set up with an account after 180 days, the employee will be able to enroll in the ROTH plan.   

Note: This article will remain current until the next open enrollment period, anticipated in December 2024.



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