A withdrawal from my Payoneer account has been pending for longer than usual.


When you withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to a bank account, the transaction will be in the Pending status until the transfer is processed or rejected by the receiving bank.

If the withdrawal is pending for an unusually long time, you might wonder if Crossover can assist you in speeding it up.


You can read Payoneer's Withdraw to Bank - FAQ Article to see what is the expected time a pending withdrawal should take.

Crossover cannot see the transaction details or status of your withdrawals, you should contact Payoneer support for assistance with this issue.

If you cannot get a response within 5 business days of reaching out to Payoneer support, you can contact Crossover support, making sure to include the Case ID of the Payoneer support ticket in your message, that way we can reach out to our Payoneer Client Services team and ask them to look into the reason for the delay. 



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