Can you fix the intermediary bank for my Payoneer payments?


When payments are transferred from your Payoneer account to a local bank account, they may be subject to extra charges, depending on your country and local currency.
If the payment or withdrawal happens via wire transfer, intermediary banks from the banking network can also charge additional fees like processing or intermediary fees. You might want to request your transfers to be sent through a fixed intermediary bank that you know has the lowest fees, instead of a random bank that can have higher fees.


While Crossover does not have the ability to make this change directly, we have worked with the Payoneer support team to make sure that they are available to assist Crossover contractors in regards to this matter and make the necessary changes on their end. 

To request this change, please contact Payoneer support. You should let them know that you are a Crossover contractor who would like their payments to be routed only through your desired intermediary bank.



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