I did not receive my payment and there is no payment pending in Payoneer.


You might notice a missing deposit on your Payoneer account, where the payment shows as Processing in your Crossover Earnings Dashboard, but the transaction cannot be found on your Payoneer Dashboard, even as an Upcoming transaction.


Your Payoneer account has most likely been set to inactive, which prevents payments from completing.

This usually means that Payoneer has requested some documentation from you to verify your account, but the documents haven't been sent or reviewed yet.

Please contact Payoneer Supporto find the cause and reactivate your account. Once they confirm that your account is active, file a ticket with Crossover Support to reprocess any missing payments, the Support Agent will let you know the date the missing payments will be sent.   


After having your Payoneer account reactivated and the payments reprocessed by Crossover Support, your Earnings Dashboard will show them as Processed.




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