No Metrics for New Team Members in a Team Room


Managers may expect to find out previous weeks metrics for team members that have just been assigned to their team and notice those metrics are not being displayed for them.

This is the expected behavior because metrics calculations are started from zero each time any combination of a team room and manager is updated. It's not possible to access previous metric values for contractors that were already working under a different team.



  • Manager/watcher access to the team room
  • New team member assigned to the team room



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal and go to Manage > Teams.

  2. Open the Metrics app.


  3. You will find out the metric values for the last 4 weeks (you can also select Show Current Week to show the current week's metrics). But one of the contractors that was moved to this team during this week is showing zero values for all past weeks, although he was working with another manager under a different team with valid metric values.
    In the following image, the new contractor assigned to the team is being displayed with a yellow line, while an existing contractor is listed with a grey line. You will find that the new contractor only shows values for the current week when he started to work under this team.




  1. A manager has a new contractor reporting to him under a specific team room.
  2. The manager tries to refresh and review metrics for previous weeks for the new contractor. 
  3. The Metrics App does not display metrics for the contractor because metrics are tied to the manager/team room combination for the contractor, this is working as designed.
    • The metrics that a manager sees for team members are for the period under his management, once a new team member is assigned to a new Team Room/Manager metrics are calculated from scratch.
    • If the contractor is still in the same team room and only the manager was changed, it's possible to access other manager contractor's metrics.


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