Reviewing Disputed Timecard Information


The Risk Management Team will review the activity information generated from WorkSmart periodically and proceed to dispute timecards if they find out that they are not logged according to our Guidelines for Success.

Disputed timecards won't be considered for the total logged hours and won't be included in your payment. You can review the disputed timecards using your Logbook section in Crossover, if you have any questions or concerns you will need to contact



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal.
  2. Navigate to My Dashboard.

  3. Click the Logbook button.


  4. Use the date selector to filter the day where disputed timecards can be found.
  5. In the Show drop-down menu select Disputed.
  6. Choose a disputed timecard and hover over the information icon at the top of the timecard to find out the reason for the dispute.


In addition to reviewing your disputed timecards in the logbook, you will also receive a notification from the Risk Management team if you have any disputed timecards. If you've received disputes on timecards and need clarification on those, contact

Your manager will also be contacted by the Risk Management team when timecards are disputed. If the timecards are approved by your manager, the Risk Management team will then undispute these and submit for payment on the next available pay date.

Note: Any Manager or Partners submitting support tickets to request payment for disputed timecards WILL NOT be processed. The Risk Management team must submit all payment requests for undisputed timecards. Please contact if you have any questions on when undisputed timecards will be submitted.




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