Internal Error "Oops! Something went wrong"


While executing any action or browsing specific sections of the Crossover portal you may receive an internal error message: "Oops! Something went wrong :( We weren't able to process your request due to an internal error. If you need assistance, please reach out to our support team. They'll be glad to help! Error code "XXXXXXXX".".

The error may be generated because of an internal server issue, it's important to contact Crossover support and provide all details for further investigation. 



  • Active account in Crossover portal



While using the Crossover portal, you will receive the error message in red at the top of the page:

There is no specific reason for this issue, it may be related to a recent portal update or to an internal server error.



Please create a new request for Crossover Support, including:

  • Email address of the account that received the error message.
  • The error message received, including the Error code.
  • Exact steps that caused the error message.
  • Indicate if the error message is received if you try to reproduce the same steps or if it was a one time only error.


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