Manager's Company in Dropdown


Once a manager role is assigned, it will be linked to a Company and that link will be used to show the manager's name in the dropdown list involving companies and managers used for manager selection.

Please notice that the link between a manager role and a company will be updated automatically based on the manager's assignment team room. If the manager is also a Company Administrator, the company in the dropdown will be based on that relationship.



  • Manager/Company administrator/VP/Account Manager role required.



  1. If the manager is also a Company Administrator and he needs to be assigned to a different company, please follow the Requesting Company Administrator Role article and indicate to which company he needs to be assigned.
  2. If the manager is not a Company Administrator, you will need to move him to a team room that belongs to the desired company. This will update the manager's company automatically.



If you access the dropdown list while changing a contractor's manager or adding a manager as a watcher, you will find the manager's name under the new company.


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