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The Manager Dashboard is considered one of the main components in Crossover and it's usually defined as a set of Crossover apps that managers use to monitor the performance of their teams and provide improvements related to quality and productivity. In this article, you will learn which apps are available for managers as part of the manager dashboard.



The Manager Dashboard is the first page that appears after a manager logs into Crossover. By default, it will include a quick overview of all direct reports (contractors working under this manager) and all the available apps.



On this page, you will find the manager and team selector at the top, which can be used to filter all information based on teams on which the manager has direct reports, other managers reports, and other teams (for the ones that the manager is set as a team watcher).


Once the selector is expanded, the manager can always filter on any combination and it will be used for any application (it can be updated at any time). Please notice that if a manager selects the team under  My Team, he will be redirected to the Contractor Dashboard.


Once a specific Team is selected, if the manager is also the Team Room Owner, he will be able to access the Team Settings application too. Also, notice that the WorkFlows section will be added, the Productivity section will be displayed for all Managers that can access the Team.


Please notice that for any app used to review the total number of hours, logged timecards or activities, the values will be retrieved based on UTC or contractor's timezone if indicated.

Here you will find the list of the multiple applications that can be used as part of the manager work:



Team Summary

The Team Summary application provides a quick view related to team performance, including the number of hours logged, metric values, alignment/focus/intensity scores, and top/bottom performers in the team based on that information. It's possible to use the selector at the top to show data for a specific week or for the last 4 weeks.



The Team Summary app will only display the number of paid hours for the contractor, not the total hours the contractor has worked.


The Timesheet application shows the number of hours worked per day for contractor's working under the team. You can click on any day and it will automatically pop up the logbook information, so it's possible to review the timecards logged for that day.


The Timesheet app will display the total number of logged hours for the contractor, not the hours that will be paid for that week.


The Activities application is used by managers for reviewing the activities categorization and defining the activities and the manager's plan. It's possible to display the activity information weekly/daily for any contractor and use the selector to switch between the Percentage and Time modes.



The Metrics application can be used by managers to review the metric's values for any contractor in a required period. It's possible to switch between metric units or cost and show details for each individual or the entire team. 


If you are also the Team Room Owner, it will be possible to access the Metrics settings from this app.

Team History

The Team History application provides information about the entire Team performance, including the possibility to switch between metric units, total cost, cost per unit, and team size. It's also possible to display the data summarized weekly, monthly, or quarterly for any year.




The Workflows application allows managers to visualize active JIRA workflow directly linked to the team room.


Please notice that only the Team Owner will be able to activate and configure Workflows.

Gemba Walk

Gemba Walk is an application used by managers to review the team contractors' productivity. It includes timecard information (screenshots and applications used) and scores for alignment, intensity, and focus for each contractor. Also, for direct managers, the Gemba Walk application provides a way to include comments and share feedback based on the contractor's timecard information.



The Teams application is used by managers to organize contractors into logical units called Team Rooms. It is divided into three main sections:

  • My Team (Section 1 in the image below) displays all the Team Rooms where the manager has contractors as direct reports.
  • The selected Team Room in Section 1 will list all the contractors reporting directly to the manager in that Team Room (Section 2 in the image below). The Team Room Owner's name will display in the top right corner of this section.
  • Other Teams (Section 3 in the image below) displays any Team Rooms where the manager is an Owner or Watcher but has no direct reports in it.




The Hire application can be used by Team Room Owners to add new roles to the team and start with the hiring process. The app will show all the current team members and the added roles that are waiting for new team members to be hired.



The Reports application can be used to generate and download reports related to WorkSmart Insights (for teams and individuals) and Logged Hours for the teams in which the manager has direct reports, is set up as a watcher, or is the team room owner. These reports can be generated only at a weekly level.




The Timezones application will show each timezone for the contractors inside the team selected and how they compare to your own timezone setting.


Check-in Chats

The Check-in Chats application will display all values for the check-in chats completed by the team members, allowing you to filter details for a specific team member and also display based on daily, weekly or monthly views. 


If you are also the Team Room Owner, you will be able to set up the check-in chats for the Team.

Rank & Review

The values that can be found in the Rank and Review application are updated automatically based on metrics and team members' activities. Managers can answer the questions on the screen so their team members can review how they are performing in comparison with their colleagues



The Goals application allows managers that are team room owners to set goals for their team and keep track of the team progress.

Once a goal is defined and the team room owner starts to fill the progress weekly by doing the check in for each goal, both team watchers and team room owners will be able to review and discuss the goal progress.




The Scoring application will show multiple scores available for the Manager's teams, including scores for other managers with contractors reporting to them inside the same team. 


Time Approval

The Time Approval application can be used by managers with direct contractors who may need to view, approve, and reject the overtime and manual time requests submitted by their contractors.



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