Goal Progress


Once a goal is defined and the team room owner starts to fill the progress weekly by doing the check in for each goal, both team watchers and team room owners will be able to review the goal progress with the information available for each goal.



  • Manager that is also a team room owner/Team watcher
  • Goal defined



  1. From the profile menu, go to Manage > Teams:

  2. Click on the Goals application icon:

  3. You will find listed all the goals defined for the team room, if you hover your mouse pointer over each goal, the graph with the progress at the right will be automatically updated:


    Please notice that the vertical axis will show the percentage of the goal target completed, the horizontal axis will show the week starting date (Monday).
    The diagonal is the reference that shows the progress that should be required for achieving the target (100%) starting from the baseline (0%).
  4. In the goal list, you will find the progress bar and the percentage of progress towards the target.
    It will show the progress bar in green color if you are above the expected progress:
    It will show the progress bar in red color if you are below the expected progress:

    The progress percentage is calculated using a formula that takes the baseline and target values into account:
    round(((current - baseline) / (target - baseline)) * 100)

    For example, if the goal was defined with baseline=196, target=220 and the latest week check in value was 249, the calculation will be: round (((249 - 196) / (220 - 196)) * 100), which results in 221%.

  5. Additionally, you can hover your mouse pointer on any point of the graph, to find out the exact percentage of progress on a specific week:



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