Adding a New Goal


The Goals app can be found under the Manager's Dashboard, it allows managers that are team room owners to set goals for their team and keep track of the team progress.

A goal needs to include details related to the metric that will be tracked, the baseline and target values, and a due date. Once a goal is defined, the team room owner will need to fill weekly progress manually or using a Google Spreadsheet.



  • Manager that is also a team room owner



  1. From the profile menu, go to Manage > Teams:


  2. Click on the Goals application icon:


  3. Click on the + New Goal button to add a new goal:

    If you don't have any Goals defined, you can also click on the Create New Goal button.

    Please notice that the button will be disabled if you are not the team owner:


  4. You will need to fill all details required for a Goal definition:


    1. Goal name: should provide a clear description of what this goal represents.
    2. Metric: text explaining which metric will be used to control this goal, it should result in a value that can be used to track the goal results (examples: cost per unit, number of tickets, lines of code, number of new customers, etc).
    3. Baseline: it should be the current metric value at the moment of the goal definition. This is your starting point, in this example, means that 100 is the cost per unit now.
    4. Due Date: the date in which you estimate that you will achieve your Target value and complete your goal. In this example, we set the due date in four weeks, this means that the goal (achieving a 25% decrease in Cost per Unit should be met in four weeks).
    5. Owner: cannot be changed, it will be your name.
    6. Metric Source: you can define if the values for filling the goal results per week will be retrieved from a Google Spreadsheet or if you will fill them manually.
      If you select Google Spreadsheet you will need to provide the Sheet URL and the Template worksheet, click on Save to continue filling other Goal fields.
    7. Target: this is the expected metric value that you aim to achieve on the Due Date.
    8. Once you completed all details, click on Save to define the Goal.



Your newly defined Goal will be listed in the Goals application:



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