Requesting Company Administrator Role


Company Administrator role is a special role assigned to a user account that will have special access related to hiring managers and invoice reports data for a specific company. The admin rights can be assigned to an existing Crossover account or a new invitation can be generated for any external customer.

It's not possible for any existing user in Crossover to provide the Company Administrator role, please create a ticket for Crossover Support in order to have this role assigned.



  • Approval from one of the Company Administrators/Account Manager



Please create a new request for Crossover Support, including:

  • Indicate if the role will be assigned to an existing account or to a new one.
    • For new accounts, include the First Name, Last Name and email address.
    • For existing accounts, include the email address of the Crossover account.
  • Company under which the company administrator role will be assigned
  • Indicate if you are an Account Manager, if not, please add any of the existing company administrators in CC, his approval will be required in the support ticket.


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