Requesting Site Admin Role


The Site Admin role is required for any contractor that requires complete administrator access to the Crossover site. This role can only be assigned to an existing Crossover account and will require specific approval for non-support personnel.

It's not possible for any existing user in Crossover to grant the site admin role, you will need to contact Crossover Support in order to have this role assigned.



  • For non-support personnel, approval from Crossover SVP will be required.
  • For support agents, approval from a support manager will be required.



Please create a new request for Crossover Support, including:

  • Indicate if the role will be assigned to a contractor working for support or not.
  • Reason for requiring the site admin role.
  • Email address of the account that requires the site admin role to be assigned.
  • Name of the contractor.
  • Contact for approval (if needed).


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