WorkSmart Crash


WorkSmart may experience issues that will result in the application crashing, which means it will completely stop working. Usually, this problem is related to specific customer environment conditions.

Also, you may find that WorkSmart stopped tracking time silently and crashed if you are are using an old version. You will need to collect the log files from the WorkSmart application and contact Crossover Support if you are still experiencing issues after reviewing this article.



  • Perform a complete restart of the WorkSmart application.
  • Manually download and install the latest WorkSmart version available for your operating system.
  • Some antivirus or anti-malware programs may identify WorkSmart as malware, resulting in the WorkSmart process being killed automatically. Please review your antivirus settings and be sure to exclude WorkSmart from any scan.
  • If you are still having issues, you will need to collect WorkSmart logs and create a new ticket for Crossover Support, attaching the zip file containing WorkSmart logs:
    • On Mac, zip and attach the contents of the folder:
    • On Windows, zip and attach the contents of the folder:
    Don't forget to also include the date and time frame of the crash, screenshots, and any other relevant information.


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