Trilogy Companies CEO & COO Approval List


While submitting a request for changing assignment details for contractors working under any of the Trilogy family of companies, like pay rates or weekly hour limits, it's necessary to require approval from the CEO or COO based on a predefined list for each company.

Also, for some of the Trilogy companies, approval is required for direct onboarding requests. In this article, you will find the list of CEOs, COOs, and the designated proxies for approval.



This is the list of CEOs and COOs per company/organization, including the proxy approval persons (underlined in the list) who are the ones designated within a CEO's organization to approve any requests on behalf of them. If there is a designated proxy assigned, include it in CC to request approval in the support ticket.

  • Andy Montgomery, COO - Trilogy
  • Davin Cushman, CEO - Ignite
    • Eric Vaughan, COO- Ignite (for $50/hour rates and lower)
  • Brad Weinert, CEO - ZephyrTel
    • Tera Ricker, COO - ZephyrTel
  • Andy Tryba, CEO - Think3
    • Bobbi Kommineni, SVP of Operations - Think3
  • Scott Brighton, CEO - Aurea
    • Brie Walsh - Aurea and Aurea PS
    • Daniel Beer - Aurea SMB
    • Grady Baker - Aurea NCA
  • Chris Miller, CEO - Aclate
  • Leela Kaza, CEO - Quantum Retail
  • Michael Speranza, CEO - Avolin
    • Tera Ricker, Chief of Staff and Operations - Avolin
  • Hannah Thompson, Chief of Staff - Alpha | Liemandt House Assistants.
  • Rahul Subramaniam, CEO - Devfactory
  • Samy Aboel-nil, COO - Devfactory
  • Micheal Kearns, CEO - Virtasant




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