Weekly Hour Limit Updates


Each assignment has a weekly hour limit which is the number of hours that a contractor is expected to work during the week and which is the maximum number of hours that is going to be used for generating the weekly payment.

Managers can't reduce or increase the number of hours per week for a contractor, this value is defined at the assignment level and you will need to contact Crossover Support to have this value updated.



  • Manager/Company administrator/VP/Account Manager role required.
  • Managers belonging to companies outside the Trilogy family of companies may request any changes in their contractors' weekly hour limits.
  • All weekly hour limit changes for any of the Trilogy family of companies which are outside of the standard 40-hr weekly limit must be explicitly approved in the support ticket, check Trilogy Companies CEO & COO Approval List article. 
  • Any weekly hour limit standardization to a 40-hr weekly limit can be actioned by Crossover Support only with direct manager's approval.



Please create a new request for Crossover Support, including:

  • Email address of the account that requires the weekly hour limit update.
  • Name of the contractor.
  • Starting date of the new weekly hour limit.
  • New weekly hour limit.
  • Contact for approval (if needed).


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