Pay Rate Updates


Pay rate or salary updates are limited by the type of update (increase or decrease) and also by the company that it's associated with the contractor that needs to have his assignment updated. 

It's not possible for any existing user in Crossover to directly update the pay rate for a contractor, you will need to contact Crossover Support to have a pay rate updated once you confirm that the request meets all the established prerequisites.


Before requesting a pay rate update, make sure the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • The requester must have a Manager/Company administrator/VP/Account Manager role.
  • Managers belonging to companies outside the Trilogy family of companies may request any changes related to their contractors' pay rate.
  • Pay rate upgrade requests for anyone under Andy Montgomery's or Jozsef Czapovics's organizations are strictly disabled. This is allowed for other companies through explicit approval in writing in the support ticket by the company's CEO/COO.
  • Pay rate downgrade requests for anyone under Andy Montgomery's or Jozsef Czapovics's organization can be actioned with approval from their manager but should be aligned to Crossover pay bands. Other companies can approve non-standard rates with sign-off from the company's CEO.

To request the update, create a new Support Ticket for Crossover Support, including:

  • Email address of the account that requires the pay rate update.
  • Name of the contractor.
  • Starting date of the new pay rate (It must be the Monday of the current week or a future Monday).
  • New pay rate and period. For example, $15 per hour.
  • Contact for approval, if needed.

Once you have submitted the request, a Support Agent will proceed to verify if the correct approvals have been granted, adding the corresponding CEO/COO if necessary. They will then apply the necessary changes and send you a confirmation when the request has been fulfilled.


Once the changes have been applied, and when the current date is on or after the requested starting date for the update, each contractor will be able to check their corresponding updated pay rate in their Contractor's Dashboard.



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