Can't Perform Check-in Chat


Check-in chat entry will be disabled if the team room owner didn't enable self-initiated Check-in chats for your team. Also, it might be possible that you are unable to complete the Check-in chat because the entry is not enabled for your current timezone setting in Crossover or you have an issue with your browser cache.

If you can't perform your check-in chat, follow this guideline, and be sure to contact your manager for advice.





After you access the check-in chat application, you will find out that it's not possible to click on the entry for your current day:


  1. Confirm with your Manager first if the team owner has set your team for Self-initiated Check-in Chats.
  2. If your team room has Check-in chats enabled, remember that the Check-in chat option for the current day will be enabled based on the UTC date and your timezone setting in Crossover.
    • Example: If you are on GMT+5 and it's 4:00 AM of day 10 in your timezone, the CiC entry for day 10 won't be enabled. Using your local time, it will be enabled starting 5:00 AM and you will be able to complete it till 23:59 PM.
  3. If you confirm that your entry should be enabled for the current day, please clean your browser cache.



The Check-in chat for the current day will be enabled and you can click on it to complete your Check-in chat:


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