Requesting Onboarding for Candidates


This article provides the process of onboarding contractors. The onboarding requests come from either Onboarding Specialists in the case of Salesforce and Remote University onboardings, or from the company representatives in the case of External customer onboardings.



  • For general/Salesforce onboarding (also includes Remote University onboardings): Onboarding Specialist role.
  • For External customer onboarding: The currently approved companies and approvers/requestors are:

    # Company Approver/Requester
    1 Alpha Hannah Rowley (Director of Enrollment Management)
    2 Codenation Rahul Subramaniam (CEO)
    3 Upland Jorge Cacho-Sousa (Account Manager)
    4 Virtasant Mahiara Pimentel (Operations Manager), Tekant Uzunhan (Account Manager)

    Note: If you are the designated approver/requestor for External onboarding for your company, but don't see your name in the table above, please still raise a ticket with the proper justification for the change or deviation in the ticket.




Associated internal article: Onboarding Process for Contractors 


You will need to create a new request for Crossover Support, and let ATLAS know you are looking to onboard a candidate.

In the request, please include the following details:

For general/Salesforce onboarding requests

  • Application 360 link

For External onboarding requests

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Payment Platform
  • Start Date
  • Salary Type (Weekly/Monthly)
  • Salary Unit (Hour/Week/Month)
  • Rate ($XX.00)
  • Weekly Limit (hours)
  • Country
  • Manager
  • Manager Email
  • Team Room
  • Company


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