Requesting Direct Onboard


Direct onboarding is used to hire candidates who are not available in the MarketPlace for a given role. Also, it's used by the Remote University program (RemoteU) in order to have new contractors onboarded. Besides a manager's approval, direct onboarding may need specific approval from the requester organization.

The current Crossover portal does not support this feature, so managers need to reach out to support to request direct onboarding including all candidate's details and explicit approval.



  • Hiring manager role.
  • All direct onboarding requests within Andy Montgomery's or Jozsef Czapovics's organization are strictly disabled. This is allowed for other ESW companies through explicit approval in writing in the support ticket by the company's CEO/COO.
  • Managers from Remote University.
  • Approval information provided in the support ticket (if required).



You will need to create a new request for Crossover Support, please select the correct issue type:

  • For general onboarding requests: Contractor's Management > Direct onboarding
  • For Remote University onboarding requests: Contractor's Management > Salesforce onboard


In the ticket, please include the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Job title
  • Payment Platform
  • Start Date
  • Salary Type (Weekly/Monthly)
  • Salary Unit (Hour/Week/Month)
  • Rate ($XX.00)
  • Weekly Limit (hours)
  • Country
  • Manager
  • Manager Email
  • Team Room
  • Company
  • Application 360 link (only required for Remote University onboards)


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