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This training article will provide you a complete overview of a contractor's journey in Crossover. Once you finish it, you will be familiar with all the steps starting with receiving a hiring offer and finishing with contract termination.





Once a Candidate accepts a hiring offer, it will start as a Crossover contractor and till the assignment termination, he will be identified by his assignment. As explained previously, an assignment is a logical unit at Crossover that defines the work details for a contractor: the organization and team they work in, the manager they report to, their start dates, and their compensation details.

The contractor's lifecycle in Crossover can be divided into several stages:

  1. Onboarding
  2. Acclimation
  3. Work Tenure
  4. Termination
  5. Post-Assignment


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  1. Onboarding

    A candidate successfully clears the hiring tests and accepts the job offer or is onboarded by the Operations Team, previously known as the MarketPlace Management Team. The contractor undergoes an onboarding process to set up their payment account and other required documentation to start their assignment.

    1. Offer Acceptance

      The contractor accepts the hiring offer and the Independent Contractor Services Agreement (ICSA).

    2. Profile Setup
      The contractor sets up their profile, filling out their location, time zone, address, and pre-employment details. 
    3. Payment Account Setup
      Depending on the contractor's location and pay range, they will be required to set up a payment account on one of the available platforms (Paychex or Payoneer). This step automatically links their Crossover user account to the payment platform account.
    4. Background Check
      The contractor has to submit documentation for a background check through our partner, SafestHires.
    5. Worksmart Setup and Manager Contact
      The contractor receives a link to download WorkSmart.
    6. Proctored CCAT
      The contractor schedules and successfully clears the PCCAT test.
      Post this, they receive their manager's email address to notify them that they are ready to start the assignment.
      A contractor's assignment officially starts when a manager assigns the contractor to a team room.
  2. Acclimation

    During the acclimation stage, the independent contractor is getting used to the Crossover and WorkSmart work processes. This stage usually lasts for two weeks after their initial assignment has started.
    • Compliance with WorkSmart and Crossover policies is monitored closely by the Productivity team. They pay attention to hours worked, webcam snapshots, and desktop screenshots.
      Contractors are encouraged to follow the Crossover Guidelines for Success to avoid unnecessary disputes and to ensure that their work is productive.
    • Contractors are paid for their work according to our Payment Schedule.


  3. Work Tenure

    The tenure stage consists of the actual assignment period during which the contractor is productive at their work. This stage has no time limits, as contractors stay on their current assignment as long as they remain a productive member of their team.

    • Contractors may submit requests and questions related to specific processes in Crossover and financial issues.
    • Contractors in Crossover are aligned to pay bands and degrees of expertise. The most common pay bands and role structures are listed in the following table:

      Generic Role

      Standard Pay Band

      Tester | Ambassador

      USD 10.00/hr

      Analyst | Engineer

      USD 15.00/hr


      USD 30.00/hr

      Chief Architect | Consultant | Manager

      USD 50.00/hr

      Vice President

      USD 100.00/hr

      Senior Vice President

      USD 200.00/hr

      Executive Vice President | Global Director

      USD 400.00/hr

    • Contractors may ask how they can be promoted to a new role. Please refer such queries to the article Getting promoted as a contractor.

  4. Termination

    Once the contractor has finished their assignment, or their manager has found grounds for termination, the contractor's assignment ends. The manager ends the assignment in Crossover, following the Offboarding/Terminating an Assignment article.

  5. Post-Assignment

    Post the assignment, the contractor's assignment is terminated. If the contractor wants to return to work for Crossover again, they will need to apply to work for Crossover again.


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