Gemba Walk Notifications


As a Crossover contractor, you may receive an email notification from us in which there were manager's comments received.

You have received this email notification because your manager has performed a Gemba Walk on your profile. The Gemba Walk App is a Crossover management feature that allows managers to review contractors' performance through their screenshots as submitted through WorkSmart.

When managers comment on one of your timecards, usually with constructive feedback, contractors receive automatic email notifications similar to the one below:

You do not need to perform any follow-up actions on these notifications; however, please make sure you read the comments carefully and discuss with your manager if there are any points for improvement.

NOTE: If your manager decides to delete their Gemba Walk comment after the automatic email has been sent, then you may not see a "Manager's Note" section of the timecard. 


Content Contributor: AJ Alipante.




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