Changing your Login Email Address


It may be necessary to change the email address that is associated with your Crossover portal account. This could be due to the original email no longer being accessible or if you are hired by a team and want to use the @company email address.

Please notice that after updating your email address associated with your Crossover account, you will need to use the new email address for the WorkSmart login credentials.



  • Must have an active account in Crossover.



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal.
  2. Click on your avatar image at the top right of the screen, then go to Settings.

  3. On My settings page, under the Account Info tab, you will need to click on Change Email:


    Note: The Company Email field should be completed with your current company email domain, e.g.,

  4. You will need to provide the New Email value and also your current password (for security measures). Once you completed the form, click on the Change Email button:

  1. Check your new email address, you will have an email from with the subject "Please verify your new email address":


    You will also receive a communication to your original email address, explaining that someone requested to change your email address in Crossover, you can dismiss this message:

  2. Follow the link received in the previous step to finish the process. 



  1. You will receive a success confirmation message, if you click on start you will be redirected to your account settings:

  2. On My settings page, under the Account Info tab, you will be able to confirm that your current email address is updated:



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