Requesting a Verification Letter


A Contractor Verification Letter is a document signed by Crossover stating your name, your current role, your pay rate and the start date of your assignment in Crossover.


As part of our continuous improvement strategy in Crossover Support, you can now request a Verification Letter from Alan, our Chatbot.

This article guides you on how to request a verification letter.



  1. Log in to Crossover Support.

IMPORTANT: The email login credentials should be the same when accessing your Crossover Dashboard and WorkSmart app. Make sure to provide the email login registered with Crossover; hence your request will not be processed.

  1. Type 'I need a verification letter' on Alan, the Chatbot's window and hit Enter.

  2. Click Yes to confirm.


  1. Allow Alan to process your information. After a few moments, Alan responds with your details and the confirmation that a document has been generated and sent to your email address.



  • Alan, the Chatbot sends you the requested verification letter to your email address.
  • In case the information showing in the document is incorrect or if you need another type of documentation, please submit a ticket and contact Crossover Support.



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