Requesting a Verification Letter


A Verification Letter is a document signed by Crossover stating your name, your role, your pay rate, the date it was requested, and the start date of your assignment in Crossover.

The documents provided by Crossover related to a current or past contract may be required by different government organizations or for tax purposes. Please note that for most cases, the verification letter generated through Alan The Chatbot, the income statement, or the payment report are enough for purposes that they may serve.

Also, please notice that there is no offer letter and the Verification Letter is the document that is provided to anyone requiring an offer proof or an assignment letter. This is because when you accept an offer and an assignment is created this means that you automatically agreed to the terms of your assignment.


As a prerequisite, you must have or previously have had an assignment in Crossover. You can check your assignment history in the Crossover Portal.

  • If you don't have an active assignment and you need an experience letter or another employment verification, please contact Crossover Support with the same email you used to access your Crossover Dashboard in your last assignment.
  • If you have an active assignment and are logged in our Support Site with the same email address that you use for your main Crossover account, you can request a Verification Letter through Alan the Chatbot, as described below.

To request a verification letter:

  1. Log in to Crossover Support.
    IMPORTANT: The email login credentials should be the same when accessing your Crossover Dashboard and WorkSmart app. Make sure to provide the email login registered with Crossover; otherwise, your request will not be processed.
  1. Type "I need a verification letter" on Alan, the Chatbot's window, and hit Enter.
  2. If you receive the message "I am sorry. This action is available for Partners only" this means either that:
    • The email address used to login to the Crossover Support portal is not the same as the one used in Crossover, please log in using the same email address.
    • You no longer have an active assignment, in this case, please submit a ticket selecting issue type "Contractor's Management > Verification letter" through the Crossover Support portal.
  3. If Alan The Chatbot successfully retrieves your details, you will receive the message "Do you want to obtain a Verification Letter including details for your assignments as a contractor (rate per hour, hours per week, role, and start date)?":
  4. Click Yes to confirm.
  5. Allow Alan to process your information. After a few moments, Alan responds with your details and the confirmation that a document has been generated and sent to your email address:

    Note: In case you instead get an error message as a response, stating Something went wrong. I truly apologize, or a similar message, please create a Support Ticket, requesting the Verification Letter.
  6. Click Yes to confirm that your request has been resolved.



Alan The Chatbot will send you the requested verification letter to your email address, please check your Inbox and you will find an email with the subject "Alan the Chatbot | Verification Letter":


The attached PDF will look like this:


If any details from the generated Verification Letter are incorrect, please contact Crossover Support, specifying which part should be reviewed.




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