Requesting Team Room Owner Change


A Team Room Owner is a manager who creates a new Team Room (TR) and is the one who can access the Team Settings app. Managers may require to change the owner of a specific Team Room due to responsibilities being switched or as part of a reorganization process.

In order to move the TR ownership to other managers, you will need to create a ticket with Crossover Support including approval from the current Team Room owner's manager if needed.



  • Must have a manager role to request the change.



The capabilities of updating the Team Room ownership are not available for the manager role in Crossover, only a company administrator can update a Team Room owner.

Please notice that a Team Room owner change only affects the Team settings, it won't change any contractor's managers. Access the Changing a Contractor's Team Room article if you need to update the manager assigned to any contractor within the team.



Follow these steps to confirm who is the current Team Room owner:

  1. Log in to Crossover and go to Manage > Teams.

  2. Open the Teams app.

  3. Take note of the Owner information:

Please contact Crossover Support with your request to change any Team Room ownership. The Support Team will require:

  • Approval from the Team Room owner (not necessary if you are the current Team Room owner), or
  • Approval from the Team Room owner's manager (in case the owner was offboarded or is not able to provide an approval).
  • Team Room name
  • New Team Room owner email address



Once you receive support confirmation that the team room owner is updated, follow Solution steps 1-3 and confirm that the new owner is shown:



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