Submitting a Support Ticket to Finance


As part of our continuous improvement strategy in Crossover Support, Alan, our Chatbot will now process all tickets for Finance.

This article guides you on the process of submitting support tickets to Finance.



What tickets can be processed by Finance?

Any tickets deemed in scope for Finance are:

  • Manual Payment
  • Payment Status
  • Overtime Payment
    • You need to submit any regular overtime payment requests through your Crossover dashboard.
    • Please use this option only in coordination with your manager.


How do I log a Finance ticket?

  1. Click Submit A Request at the top of the Crossover Support portal.

  2. Fill out the following fields on the new Submit a Request form presented.
    1. CC - You may copy another person onto your request.
    2. Subject - Please fill out a small summary of your issue or request.
    3. Description  - Please describe your request in greater detail.
    4. Priority - Select the desired urgency for your request.
    5. Issue Type - Please select the Issue Type: Financial and then one of the suitable ticket types (Manual Payment, Overtime Payment or Payment Status).
    6. Number of hours to be paid - Please input the number of hours to be paid.
    7. Week start date - Please select the time for your request.
    8. Crossover Email address - Please input your Crossover Application Email address (or your direct's report e-mail address, e.g your request is for somebody else)

      IMPORTANT NOTE: This needs to be the same email address you use when logging into your Crossover Dashboard or tracking time through WorkSmart. If you fail to provide the email address registered with Crossover, your request may be delayed as a result.

    9. Attachments - Feel free to include any attachments for your request.
    10. GDPR Checkboxes - Please mark the checkboxes if your request contains data deemed personal or sensitive or if it originates from the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland.

  3. Click on the Submit button to introduce your request.

What will happen next?

If you introduced all the correct information, Alan would promptly process your request. Alan will gather your data and your direct manager's and the ticket will be sent for your manager's review and approval. Your manager will receive a notification via Zendesk informing him of your request.

The request will then be sent to our Finance team who will await your manager's decision.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To expedite these type of requests, please engage your manager separately so they are aware of the ticket and they can respond to it accordingly.

If your manager approves the ticket, our Finance team will gladly action the request and provide you with the necessary details about when your payment will be transferred. The ticket will be marked as Solved.

If the ticket is rejected or contains wrong information, unfortunately, our Finance team will not be able to action it accordingly, and they will route it back to the Support team for further inquiries.


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    Dear XO Finance Department,

    XO has offered me a Position as a Sr QA Engineer for the Aclate client. I have completed all the formalities with XO and Payoneer. But Payoneer has not approved my account due to some reasons and i have asked the reason as well but they are not ready to disclause the reason. So i am requesting to XO that please do the payment manually for the worked hours. I have worked from 8th April 2019 to 26th April 2019 (20$ per hour). Also Rafal has raised the ticket in XO as well (Reference Number : #920045).

    I Request you to please do the needful for the same.

    Harshil Malvi

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  • Avatar
    Semyon Kondratov

    Hi Team!

    Please pay attention: if user has the same e-mail for Crossover and Zendesk (agent or light agent) they will be redirected to agent's dashboard as soon as they sign in to

    As a suggestion here: in such cases please submit a ticket with Crossover Support and they will escalate your request to the Finance team.

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  • Avatar
    Swapna Shetty

    The contents in this article are outdated. When you open Support portal, the complete form view has changed. It redirects the support request to

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