Submitting a Support Ticket to Finance


As part of our continuous improvement strategy in Crossover Support, Alan the Chatbot will now process all tickets submitted to Finance.

This article describes the process of submitting support tickets to the Finance team.



You can submit requests that are related to:

  • Manual Payments
  • Payment Status
  • Overtime Payments

  • Please use the Manual/Overtime payment option only in coordination with your manager.
  • You need to submit any regular overtime payment requests through your Crossover dashboard.


Logging a Finance Ticket

  1. Click Submit A Request at the top of the Crossover Support portal.


  2. On the new page, fill out the following fields:
    1. CC - Add your manager's email so that they could approve your manual payment request. 
    2. Subject - Enter a short summary of your issue or request.
    3. Description - Describe your request in greater detail.
    4. Priority - Select the desired urgency for your request.
    5. Issue Type - Select the Financial issue type and then select the suitable ticket type: Manual Payment, Overtime Payment, or Payment Status.
    6. Number of hours to be paid - Enter the number of hours to be paid.
    7. Week start date - Enter the start date (Monday) of the week related to your request.
    8. Crossover Email address - Enter the email that you use to log into WorkSmart (or the email address of your contractor if you are submitting a request for them).

      Important Note: You need to enter the same email address you use when logging into your Crossover Dashboard/WorkSmart. If you fail to provide the correct email address, your request may be delayed.
    9. Attachments - Feel free to include any attachments related to your request.
    10. GDPR Checkboxes - Please mark the corresponding checkboxes if your request contains data deemed personal or sensitive or if it originates from the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland.


  3. Click on the Submit button to finish creating your request.

Note: If you are unable to access the form after clicking Submit A Request, this means that the email address you are using to log into the Crossover Support portal is associated with an account that has light-agent or agent permissions in Zendesk. In this case, please create a ticket manually, including all of the required information:
  • Issue type: Manual Payment, Overtime Payment or Payment Status
  • Number of hours to be paid
  • Week start date
  • Your Crossover email address or your contractor's email

Further Process

  1. If you provided the correct information, Alan will gather the related data and will send the ticket to your manager for review and approval. Your manager will receive a notification via Zendesk similar to the following one:


  2. Once the request is approved by your manager, it will be processed by the Finance team.

    Important Note: Please engage your manager separately to get their approval on the ticket and expedite the request.
  3. Once your request is processed by the Finance team, you will be informed when your payment is going to be transferred. The ticket will be marked as Solved.

    Note: If the ticket contains incorrect information, our Finance team will not be able to action it accordingly, and they will route it back to the Support team for further inquiries.


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