WorkSmart Pro


What is WorkSmart Pro, and how does it relate to the WorkSmart application?


WorkSmart Pro

WorkSmart Pro is a metrics-driven methodology that managers use to maximize productivity and spur continuous improvement. Crossover developed this methodology by applying best practices from manufacturing and other disciplines to engineering and knowledge work.

These best practices are now integrated into the Crossover web portal as a series of web apps. For example, the Gemba Walk, Check-in-Chats, and Rank and Review apps were all developed to facilitate tried-and-true management processes that had previously depended on external applications.

For this reason, "WorkSmart Pro" is also used as a shorthand for the web apps on the Crossover portal that managers use regularly to maximize team productivity and find areas for improvement:



WorkSmart is Crossover's time-tracking and productivity application. Partners must use WorkSmart consistently to ensure that the web apps mentioned above accurately represent their productivity.



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