WorkSmart Logged Hours Frozen With Timecards Uploaded Successfully


You may find out that the number of logged hours is frozen in WorkSmart and is it may seem that it's not tracking time accurately. However, timecards are still being uploaded and available in the logbook, also the Earnings section shows the time being tracked as expected.

Usually, this issue is caused by a problem with the synchronization of your credentials used to access the Crossover portal and WorkSmart.



  • Active contractor using WorkSmart to track time.



A recent change may have been performed on the Crossover portal regarding your login credentials while WorkSmart was still tracking time, causing a temporary disconnect between the WorkSmart application and the Crossover portal.



  1. Click on the Stop button on the WorkSmart application to stop tracking time.

  2. Right-click on the WorkSmart icon () on the Task Bar.
  3. Select Exit:
  4. Launch the WorkSmart application and sign in using your updated email address and password:




WorkSmart will show the correct number of logged hours and will continue working as expected, you can check by reviewing the amount of time logged after running it for 20 minutes or more.


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