Requesting an Extension for Your Application


After you apply for a job position, once you completed the Basic Fit step you will need to set a Completion Date as the deadline for finishing your application. This information will be displayed as the number of days left to complete your application but there is no need to request an extension if you need more time because you will be able to continue without issues.



  • Active job application. 



You may want to ask for an extension for your application completion date because you find out that the days left are not enough to finish it. You can confirm the number of days left for your application by looking at the number at the top right of your application in the Crossover Jobs portal.


We do not enforce the deadline for applications. Hence, you can complete the application at your convenience. However, since we are hiring globally and receive thousands of applications, it is always the best approach to complete and submit your application as soon as possible.

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