Using the Check-in Chats Application


Check-in Chats (CIC) is a Crossover application that allows contractors to perform small one-on-one daily check-ins with their manager and discuss the progress of the agreed goals for the contractor under the current assignment.

Only team room owners can enable Check-in Chats usage. Once enabled, all team managers should instruct their direct contractors on which information they should include in their daily Check-in Chats.





Check-in chats allow your manager to have full visibility and tracking of any blockers or disruptions you may be experiencing in reaching your goal or target throughout your workweek. This helps your manager analyze your situation and choose the best course possible to address any issues you might be facing.

Crossover expects all contractors to complete Check-in chats on a daily basis throughout the regular work week (Monday through Friday) - preferably at the beginning of your workday, so it is not missed. If you are unable to complete Check-in chats on a daily basis; please inform your manager and have an open discussion on how to board this.

It's not possible to complete or edit Check-in chats for previous days, you are not going to be able to select past days: mceclip0.png 
If you were unable to complete a Check-in Chat from the previous day; please inform your manager.



  1. Log into the Crossover.
  2. Select the Check-in Chats app on your Dashboard.

  3. Locate and click the entry for today.  This is marked as Not Done by default.


    The Check-in chat option for the current day will be enabled based on the UTC date and the contractor's timezone setting in Crossover. 
    • Example: If you are on GMT+5 and it's 4:00 AM of day 10 in your timezone, the CiC entry for day 10 won't be enabled. Using your local time, it will be enabled starting 5:00 AM and you will be able to complete it till 23:59 PM.
  4. Select a Status option based on your performance indicators and tasks throughout the workweek and your daily progress towards reaching your set goals.

    The description for each status is:
    • On Track: Individual is on track to hit the metric goal.
    • Wrong Thing: Individual is working, but working on something that doesn't affect the metric.
    • Wrong Process: Individual is working with the wrong process. Examples: using software incorrectly, not marking the right fields, not using automated systems, not escalating when blocked.
    • Needs Action: Individual stuck needing action or decision from another team or person.
    • Too Hard: Individual can't think of a way to proceed or has tried ways to proceed but they haven't yielded results.
    • Work Not Defined: Individual cannot work 8 hours per day because management has not defined the work to be done.
    • Not Working: Individual is not currently working.
    • Not Done: Individual did not complete Check-in chat.


  5. Enter your comments on the textbox. Even if you are On Track on the daily CIC, please make a valid comment for your CSM to know where you are standing at the moment. Remember that this is the daily communication you have with them to remove any stoppers you might encounter.
  6. Click Save.



Once you completed your Check-in chat, the status will be updated based on your selection and you can click on the entry to edit the text if needed:


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