Enabling Team Room Workflows application


The Workflows Application is a feature that allows you to visualize active JIRA workflow directly in your team room.workflows.png

Why use it?

1. To monitor your current work queue:

  • Current work in progress
  • Outdated work
  • Weekly output
  • Workload per team member
  • Current bottlenecks


2. To analyze historical data:

  • Discover process bottlenecks
  • Track customer perceived lead time trends


Enabling Workflows 

You must be the Team Owner to be able to activate Workflows, otherwise you will see the following warning message:

In case you are the Team Owner, follow these steps to enable the application to track Jira workflow:

  1. Go to the Crossover Worksmart Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Workflows App.
  3. Click Launch Workflows Wizard link.

  4. Select the Jira server that needs to be tracked and click Next button.
  5. Select the Project that requires to be tracked and click Next button to conclude the Jira integration.
  6. Click Finish to acknowledge the connection of Workflows app with your Team's Jira project.
  7. Start accessing the Workflows dashboards to track current project work and historical data, by clicking the application icon:



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