WorkSmart Network Errors


WorkSmart fails to upload timecards if you have connection issues, as a result, you will find out that although you are tracking time, the timecards are not being uploaded and you can't review them in your Crossover dashboard.

Network errors will cause your timecards to be stored locally in your computer but won't prevent you from continue tracking time, the timecards will be uploaded once your connectivity issues are resolved.



  • Active contractor using WorkSmart to track time.



You will find out that WorkSmart stops uploading timecards to our servers and timecards are being stored locally, as described in the Diagnosis section in the Worksmart Not Uploading Timecards article.

In order to confirm that the root cause is a network error, you will need to access your deskapp.log file, which can be found in different locations based on your operating system:

  • For Mac users, the file is located in: HD/users/<user>/crossoverfiles/logs
  • On Windows users, the file is located in: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\CrossoverWorkSmart\Logs

In the log file, you will find any of these messages:

  • The remote name could not be resolved
  • Error while copying content to a stream



  1. Confirm if you have a problem with your internet connection, check if you are able to access Google site using the same computer that is running WorkSmart. If you confirm that you are having connection issues, you will need to be sure that they are fixed before proceeding with next steps.
  2. Check if there is an ongoing outage with our servers, you can confirm if there is anything reported following the indications from the Crossover Health Status Page article.
  3. Perform a complete restart of the WorkSmart application.
  4. Manually download and install the latest WorkSmart version available for your operating system.



Verify if the issue is resolved by checking the minutes in your Timecards to upload entry. Once all timecards are uploaded this value should be less than 20m:



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