WorkSmart Not Retrieving URL in Chrome


While tracking time with WorkSmart and using Google Chrome, you may notice that while reviewing your top activities in the Crossover dashboard you have only the process name identified, which is chrome.

The URLs being used are missing from your dashboard and as a result, you won't have the expected score numbers in the Activity section. Also, this issue will impact on your manager's dashboard.



  • Active contractor using WorkSmart to track time.



You will only notice that WorkSmart is having problems retrieving your URLs from Chrome by reviewing the "Summary of Your Activities for the Week" section available on your Contractor Dashboard in Crossover. In this section, you will notice that one of the top applications detected is chrome:


The reason for this issue is related to your Chrome installation (version, extensions, etc) or your WorkSmart version. Please notice that WorkSmart for Linux is not supported, you will need to make sure that your environment is certified as explained in the WorkSmart System Requirements article.




Additional Fix for Mac Users

If you encounter the following error in the 'deskapp.log' on Mac:

Error 1: 61:64: execution error: Not authorised to send Apple events to Google Chrome. (-1743)

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy tab.
  2. Select Automation.
  3. Select WorkSmart.
  4. Enable Chrome.
  5. Quit and relaunch WorkSmart.



You can confirm that WorkSmart is retrieving the URL correctly by reviewing your latest uploaded timecards in your Logbook section, for Chrome browser activity you should find the right URL instead of chrome under the Application column:


Please notice that the values for the "Summary of Your Activities for the Week" section will be updated based on the new timecards, so you may need to wait for next week to have all values showing as expected.


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