Profile Access Notification From Risk Management Team


As a contractor, you may receive email notifications related to access to your Crossover profile by the Risk Management Team. These notifications are just informative and there is no action requested from you, they are usual and related to common activities review inside Crossover.



  • Active contractor



Any active contractor may receive a notification email from with the subject "Crossover profile access" explaining:

"We would like to inform you that Risk Management Team from Risk Management has accessed your profile to routine reviews in order to solve your enquiry related to n/a." 

These notifications are sent to you because a member of the Risk Management Team has accessed the Crossover portal with your account profile in order to review activities.



These notifications are a feature designed to provide greater transparency about how your account is accessed. The message explains that the Risk Management Team user account in the Risk Management team listed "routine reviews" as the reason for this access and "n/a" as the relevant ticket.

The Risk Management team will contact you if they have any specific questions about your profile activities.



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