Calculating Staff for Stars


Calculation of Staff for Stars score in the Team Scoring application available for managers in the Crossover portal is based on the Metrics values of the manager's team. In this article, you will find out more details on how the Staff for Stars score is calculated.



Team Scoring application is available for managers under Crossover portal:

The scoring application will show multiple scores available for the Manager's teams, including scores for other managers with contractors reporting to them inside the same team. The Staff for Stars score is included in the table list:



The Staff for Stars takes into account the lowest and the highest Avg. CpU values from the Metrics app for the team, under the manager based on the trailing 4 weeks.

It is calculated using the formula: 

Math.round((lowest Avg. CpU/highest Avg. CpU) * 100)

For example, for a team under Manager ABC, if we look at the Metrics Avg. CPU values, we find out that the lowest value is 85.71 for Team Member 2 and the highest value is 461.54 for Team Member 1.


Thus, if we calculate according to the formula stated above:

Staff for Stars = Math.round((85.71/461.54) * 100) = 18




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