Cannot Delete a Timecard


The Crossover work week starts on Mondays at 00:00 UTC and ends on Sundays at 23:59 UTC, you can only delete timecards for the current week, it's not possible to delete timecards for past weeks.

If you didn't refresh the Crossover dashboard, you will receive the message "Previous week's timecard, cannot be deleted" while trying to delete a timecard that belongs to the past work week.



  • Active contractor with timecards generated during past work weeks.



While attempting to delete a timecard you will receive the message "Previous week's timecard, cannot be deleted" if you didn't refresh the Crossover dashboard. 

Also, you won't be able to select a timecard to delete it if you are reviewing past work weeks, this is functioning as designed.

You won't find a checkbox next to the timecard title:



You can't delete timecards for past weeks using the Crossover dashboard.

If you are working during the weekend and would like to delete a timecard, make sure that it is not after Sunday 23:59 UTC, otherwise, it will count as a previous week and it will not let you make any changes.

You may need to request past week timecards to be removed because of privacy issues, keep in mind that you will need to contact Crossover Support including this information:

  • Total number of timecards to be removed
  • Details of each timecard date and time, both in UTC and your local timezone
  • Reason for having the timecards removed

Once we receive your request, it will be reviewed and authorized/rejected by the Productivity Team.


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