This article provides information on frequently asked questions about CCAT (Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test).




What is CCAT? 

CCAT is a pre-employment test that measures a candidate's aptitude or the ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically. You can find more information at our pre-employment testing portal.

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What email address should I use to take the CCAT?

You should ALWAYS use the same email address you are applying with Crossover. Failure to use the same email address will result in Crossover not evaluating or rejecting your application.

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Is it possible to re-take the CCAT after the initial attempt?

Please note that effective January 21st, 2019, candidates can only attempt to take the CCAT once per email address in a six-month period.

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How can I practice for the CCAT?

Our testing provider recommends using JobFlare. JobFlare is free-to-use and allows candidates to work on improving their scores in an easy and gamified way. Please practice using JobFlare, then take the CCAT test once you are ready.

JobFlare is currently available in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada – for both iOS & Android.  However, there is a workaround for downloading outside of these countries. You can temporarily change the location in your App Store settings to one of the four countries mentioned above to download the app.

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If I apply for another position, do I need to retake the CCAT test?

Please note that effective January 21st, 2019, candidates can only attempt to take the CCAT once per email address in a six-month period.

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Can you share my CCAT score with me?

In order to keep testing and evaluation fair across the board for all candidates, we are unable to provide CCAT scores or further feedback on your performance.

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    In regards to the CCAT, may I just say that many candidates who go through the CrossOver application process find it very frustrating that no useful samples are provided to them by CrossOver or the Criteria company? For example, the Jobflare app to which candidates are referred is only available on iOs devices, and the content it includes is nothing like the real CCAT. 

    I talk to many candidates every day, as they arrive on my website. I offer a 100% free preparation course which is very relevant for the CCAT, as it covers and provides sample questions that follow more closely the style and format of the test.

    The reason I am adding this comment is that I believe that informing candidates of such free resources in advance, will make a more friendly and supportive recruitment experience, from which both CrossOver and the candidates will benefit. It is quite customary nowadays to provide candidates with resources that will help them succeed. 
    Should you find this relevant please feel free to refer candidates to my free resources which include:
    I am already appearing as a recommended practice resource at leading companies and universities, I am sure my free resources will serve you well too.




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