Adding New or Removing Old Bank Account From Payoneer


Contractors may require to update their bank account in Payoneer. This can be for removing and old bank account that is not being used or need to add / update the bank account used for withdrawal.

In order to resolve this request, the contractor will need to review Payoneer information on this topic and may need to contact a Payoneer representative if found any problems.



  • Contractor with Payoneer as his payment platform.
  • Access to Payoneer.



  1. Login to Payoneer using your credentials.
  2. Access the Bank Accounts - FAQ article and follow the steps on either section:
    • How can I add a new bank account? 
    • How can I remove a bank account? 
  3. If you have any issues, please contact Payoneer using any of the methods available in the Contact Us section.




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