Payoneer FAQs


Payoneer is the main payment platform used by Crossover contractors, this article provides answers to frequently asked questions about your Payoneer account, payments and when do you need to reach Payoneer support or Crossover support.




How often do I get paid?

As an independent contractor, you get paid weekly through Payoneer. Please see reference chart below and visit our Payment Schedule Reference page for more detailed information.


There's a delay in my payment!

Crossover remits all payments to Payoneer under our Payment Schedule Reference every Wednesday (UTC) throughout the day. Due to local bank transfer reasons, payment may take up to five (5) business days to become effective on your Payoneer account. For more information, please contact Payoneer Support if you experience a delay in payments.


I did not receive my payment and there is no payment pending in Payoneer.

For one reason or another, your Payoneer account is most likely inactive. Please contact Payoneer Supporto activate your account. Once it is confirmed that your account is active, file a ticket with XO Support to reprocess any missing payments.   


Can I provide a bank account number that is not under my name?

You can add a bank account that is not under your name. However, Payoneer may request additional documents. For more information, please contact Payoneer Support.


What tax form should I fill out for Payoneer?

While Crossover does request you to submit tax filing information with Payoneer, Crossover does not offer fiscal or legal advice. Please visit our Tax Forms Requirements article for more information.


Payoneer says I need to contact Crossover for linking a local bank account.

Please contact Crossover Support for assistance on generating a new Payoneer-linked account.


I need to change my current Payoneer account to a different Payoneer account 

Please contact Crossover Support for assistance on changing your Payoneer-linked account.


I would like to change my earnings from a pre-paid card to a local bank account.

Please contact Payoneer Support for more information.


I have an issue with my Prepaid card.

Please contact Payoneer Support for more information.


Can I switch to a different payment platform?

No, it's not possible to request to change your payment platform. If you have any concerns, suggestions or comments related to Payoneer usage, please send an email to


Can you delay my payments?

No, as per our current policy we cannot delay the payments in any way. Your payments will always arrive at your Payoneer account through Wednesdays (UTC).


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    Md Jinnat Ganim Mazumder

    Great Article

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    Yogesh P. Dhakad

    Accurate and concise FAQ regarding important aspects regarding the payment service provider => payoneer.

    Payments are ALWAYS VERY SMOOTH and TIMELY. Only on a VERY FEW occasion, the delay in the payment, for only a few hours is communicated on Wed in advance from payoneer.

    All in all the service just works well and is wonderful. It is equally exiting working with Crossover and all of the ESW companies including Aurea, GFI, Optiva, Trilogy, Ignite, Zyphertel and many more.

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