Applicant is in the Marketplace but no interview has been scheduled


Audience: Applicants, L1 Agents

Applicants may question how long they can stay on the Marketplace before an interview is scheduled. This can occur when no manager picks them to interview, so they remain there for some days or weeks. Their application status will show as the image below:



Having a profile accepted into the Marketplace puts an applicant's profile in the list of highly qualified candidates who have successfully completed the first stage in the hiring workflow. Hiring managers should then go ahead and set up interviews to get to know applicants better by selecting the top profiles that match the qualities demanded by the empty vacancies in their teams.

Having a profile in the marketplace does not guarantee that the applicant will be hired, as they are still competing against other candidates who have also reached the Marketplace. However, the applicant's profile is being offered to the hiring managers for the position to which the candidate applied.

We encourage candidates to exercise patience to give our management team enough time to analyze all the profiles and their qualifications. Managers should send interview invitations as soon as possible. Alternatively, applicants can opt to apply for other openings that fit their qualifications and preferences. The candidate's current profile in the Marketplace will remain visible there, and an additional successful application that reaches the Marketplace will likely increase the candidate's chance to get hired.


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    Vitaly Fedrushkov

    Please clarify here (or create another KB article) for this (relatively fresh) case:


    Kindly note that we've increased the thresholds required to gain entry to the Crossover marketplace. We are disabling candidates that do not meet the current testing thresholds, however, we are providing an opportunity to try the application process again. If you apply and pass the new thresholds, we will re-activate your profile on the Crossover marketplace.


    So technically candidate's position is the same, but the status is 'Inactive' and the cause is different.

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