Scheduling an interview outside of the proposed dates and times


Applicants receive interview invites from Hiring Managers. In some cases, none of the three slots in an invite will work for the applicant, or all interview slots have already been taken. Applicants can suggest an alternate date and time via the Crossover portal. 


1. Log in to the Crossover platform with your registered email address and password.

2. You will automatically land on the interview details page. 

3. On this page, you'll see the Save Schedule button just under the calendar widget, and below that, you'll find the option to suggest a different date and time. 

4. Click on the hyperlink "Click here" and a box will appear where you can indicate the times that you will be available to interview. 


5. Click Send.

The hiring manager will receive this update, and the applicant will be contacted via e-mail with details of an interview time that is suitable for both.



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