What feedback will I get on my application?

Feedback Policy

Unfortunately, Crossover cannot provide feedback other than informing the candidate whether their application has been rejected, accepted, or advanced to the next stage. This policy ensures that the evaluation process is fair to new candidates.

There are many factors that can influence the acceptance or rejection of a particular application, including experience, technical screening results, and language proficiency. Crossover encourages applicants who have been rejected to consider whether they can improve in these areas. Candidates are encouraged to apply again after a 6-month waiting period or to apply to a similar position available through the Crossover Available Jobs portal.

Interview Feedback

If you have already reached our Marketplace stage and would like to obtain feedback from an interview, please send an email to mpmanagement@crossover.com

If your application has not reached the Marketplace, no feedback will be provided, unfortunately. This is done intentionally, as Support does not have a control on this since the VPs take time to approve/endorse or even provide a decision on the application.

Evaluation Timeline

Candidates waiting for their application to be evaluated can expect a decision on whether they will be accepted to the Marketplace or not within a week.

Log in to the Crossover Portal to see the current status of your application and what the next stages will be.


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    Alexander Lunin

    The article is inaccurate. Please add: a candidate can apply to multiple (different positions) after the active application is evaluated and the results are shared. 

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