Terminated Contractors in Metrics App


Once a contractor assignment is terminated, he will still show up in the Metrics dashboard used by Managers. This is working as designed, the terminated contractors will be displayed grayed out to distinguish them from active contractors and including a message explaining that they are no longer in the team.



  • Manager role.
  • Metrics defined for the team.
  • At least one contractor assignment terminated.



A manager's Metrics app shows the names of terminated contractors:





Review the metric values of terminated contractors to confirm the app is functioning as intended:

  1. Login to the Crossover portal.
  2. Open the Metrics app.


  3. Review the metric values of terminated contractors.


  4. If the terminated contractor has a valid value (note: 0 is valid) next to their name for the time period that is listed under metrics, their name will remain on the metrics list but will be grayed out. However, on hovering over the person's name, the system will show a pop-up message as confirmation: "This person left the team on <date>".
    It will take up to 4 weeks for the contractor to be removed automatically from the contractor's metrics list.




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