Worksmart Not Uploading Timecards


You may notice that the total number of hours worked in WorkSmart is less than what you have really worked on. This difference can be found in the WorkSmart desktop widget but also in your Crossover logbook, you will be able to confirm that your timecards are not being uploaded.

Although it may seem that you have missing timecards or that WorkSmart didn't record your timecards, it has a local storage mechanism designed to prevent you from losing any timecards and they will be uploaded after you follow the solution steps.



  • Active contractor using WorkSmart to track time.



There are instances where WorkSmart stops sending timecards or takes longer to upload them back to our central server, usually this is caused by contractor's connection issues. As a result, you will find a difference between the real worked time and the total number of hours displayed in your time-worked entry in WorkSmart.

If you click on your time-worked entry in the WorkSmart desktop widget, you can confirm if this is the issue by looking at the Timecards to upload value (displayed in 10 minutes increase) and Last timecard upload (based on your computer timezone) value.

timeworked.jpg   toupload.jpg



  1. Perform a restart of the WorkSmart application to fix this problem.
    1. Stop tracking by using the button in the application:
    2. Exit the application using the system tray.

      Since timecards are stored locally, they are preserved in your machine, and WorkSmart will upload them properly once restarted.
  2. Once you restart, allow up to 30 minutes for the application to upload all the timecards and update the work time that was tracked. You can continue tracking time normally.
  3. If you continue experiencing issues, you will need to collect WorkSmart logs:
    • On Mac, zip and attach the contents of the folder:
    • On Windows, zip and attach the contents of the folder:
  4. Create a new ticket for Crossover Support, attaching the zip file containing WorkSmart logs.



Verify if the issue is resolved by checking the minutes in your Timecards to upload entry. Once all timecards are uploaded this value should be less than 20m:



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