Webcam Snapshot Guidelines


While working using WorkSmart and having webcam photos enabled, contractors will need to adhere and follow the policy available in the Guidelines for Success document. Webcam shots should be taken under certain conditions that allow the Productivity team to identify the contractor successfully.

Remember that your work environment recommendations should be also aligned to your manager/team requirements, for example, working from a car, riding a bus or on a train won't be recommended if you need to attend meetings. If you have any questions, you will need to reach both your manager and the Productivity team.



  • Active contractor using WorkSmart to track time.



You should not be concerned about the angle of the webcam snapshots, as the images will be used only to identify yourself. It is acceptable if they are taken from a side angle but it's also important to be located in a site with good light.

The webcam policy, included in the Guidelines for Success document, includes the following:

  • Instances in which the webcam is not being used consistently throughout the day
  • 2 or more consecutive or 5 or more non-consecutive digitized Webcam shots in a day
  • Webcam shots that don’t capture the contractor's entire face
  • Webcam shots that are taken during the day but are extremely dark. Darker images will not be disputed when contractors are working during the night.


Please note that neither the 60 minute grace period nor Overtime will compensate for Webcam Policy non-compliance.

Note: If you need to wear a mask for a certain period of time while working, please contact

If you have any other questions or concerns, you can contact at any time.


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