Reapplying After Getting Rejected


Once you applied to any job position listed in the Crossover Jobs portal, if your application is rejected, you may be interested in finding out how long do you need to wait for reapplying to the same position or to a different position.



  • You have one application that has been rejected.



If your application for a specific position at Crossover has been rejected, you will be unable to reapply for the same position for six months.

This will be informed during the application step, as an example, if you failed the Psychometric test (CCAT) step you will receive the following message:

However, if you were able to pass the CCAT and English tests, you may apply to other open positions immediately. You will need to wait for six months before reapplying to any other open positions at Crossover if you were not able to pass both of these tests. 

While applying to other open positions, you need to complete all the steps in the application process, which means that you are required to retake all exams (even if you have successfully passed them in your previous application).


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