Mark Timecard as Not Idle


When a contractor does not use their mouse or keyboard during the 10 minutes slot that results in a timecard, WorkSmart will record that timecard as Idle Time, which is not counted toward the contractor's paid hours.

For the current week (UTC based) it's possible for contractors to mark the timecard as not idle. Usually, this happens if the contractor was in a meeting and as a result, there was no mouse or keyboard activity.



  • Contractor with an active assignment.
  • At least one timecard tracked as Idle time.



In order to understand clearly how to proceed, first, it's important to understand these definitions:

  • Timecard: It is the billable unit which represents 10 minutes of time.
  • Timecard event: Represents one minute in the time card.
  • Idle timecard: Timecard with activity level less than 10 or which contains less than 5 events (minutes).

Each timecard must have 5 to 10 events to be counted towards the contractor's paid hours. When this inactivity is due to the contractor attending a meeting or another work activity, the Idle Time can be corrected marking the timecard as Not Idle.

Timecards with less than 5 events are not billable and cannot be marked as Not Idle. If you try to mark this type of timecards as not idle, you will receive the error message: "Sorry, Timecard at <time> does not have sufficient work recorded to be credited. It cannot be set as "not idle"".

For more information about how to use WorkSmart efficiently and avoid any idling or time card disputes; please visit our Crossover Guidelines for Success.

Timecards for a closed workweek marked as idle cannot be marked as not idle under any circumstances, even for terminated contractors.



  1. Log in to the Crossover portal.
  2. Navigate to My Dashboard.

  3. Click the Logbook button.

  4. Navigate to the workday with Idle Time.

  5. Choose Idle Time from the Show drop-down to show only idle timecards.

  6. Check one or more timecards marked incorrectly as Idle Time.
  7. Click on Activity bar and confirm you have above 5  events registered 
    Activity_Bar.png     check_activity.png
  8. Click the Not Idle button. This button is enabled once you select an idle timecard.

  9. Enter a Reason for marking the timecard(s) as Not Idle:


    Note: When a timecard is marked as not idle only alignment and focus scores will be recalculated, timecards won't be counted for intensity score.
  10. Click OK.



The logbook view will be refreshed automatically, the timecard(s) marked as not idle will be displayed with the title "Meeting Time" and with green color. If you put the focus on the information icon a popup will show the reasons inserted for marking the timecard as not idle:


These will be counted towards your total work hours.


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